Benefits of Our Physician-Assisted Weight Loss Programs

Benefits of Our Physician-Assisted Weight Loss Programs

There might be a medical reason why you carry the excess weight, and the excess weight can lead to other medical problems. With Dr. Richardson’s specialty being weight loss, he is familiar with such medical weight loss concerns and will guide you to healthy weight loss.

A series of medical tests and a physical exam to ensure accuracy.

We go the extra steps to ensure your successful weight loss. That’s why we start with a series of medical tests: complete blood analysis, EKG and body fat composition. Based on this information, you’ll get the most accurate and effective program medically possible.

Because it’s medically supervised weight loss, you know your program will be healthy.

There are tens of thousands of products available that claim to help you lose weight; Only about 6% of them are considered safe and healthy.

You already know that liquid protein, shots or fasting can have serious-even deadly-side effects. And limiting yourself to only a few foods is not only boring, it can seriously endanger your health.

The key to successful medical weight loss is to combine a balanced diet, plenty of fluids, vitamins, minerals, moderate exercise, education and lifestyle changes. And because our doctor assisted diet program does all this, under the close supervision of a medical doctor, you know it will be healthy for you.

You will receive personal attention from our professional staff.

During your program, you’ll be treated by our staff with periodic medical evaluations and coaching. Once your program is planned, we don’t just send you off on your own. We provide you with information to help you make better food selections at home, restaurants and even when you’re out with friends and family. We also provide you with support staff who are here when you need them. And they will help you every step of the way to achieve your doctor assisted weight-loss goal.

You’ll even learn new behaviors to manage your stress and help make your life easier.

Do you overeat when you’re bored, angry, or frustrated? Is it hard to say no to food in a social situation? Are there certain friends whom you always eat the wrong foods with?

Our doctor can help you with all these issues. You’ll find ways to manage stress other than eating. You’ll discover how easy it is to change bad habits into new, healthy ones.

A supportive, caring staff to make your program easier.

Changing old habits is never easy, but having people who are on your side-who are truly supportive of your efforts-makes it easier.

At Doctor’s Weight Control Center in Greater Houston, Texas, you’ll find that everyone – from Dr. Richardson and his medical support staff to the front desk – really cares about you.

They’ll always answer your questions. They’ll celebrate with you when you’re doing well and get you back on track when you’re discouraged. In short, they’ll support you every step of the way.

Your medical weight loss treatment plan will be totally confidential.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, you may not want your family and friends to know you’re on a weight-loss program again until you’re sure you can succeed.

For this reason, we keep your involvement confidential. If we need to call your home or workplace to make or reschedule an appointment, we never announce that we’re from Doctor’s Weight Control Center. We use our first names only and ask to speak to you directly. We know that weight loss is a sensitive issue and we respect your privacy.

It’s easy on your schedule and your budget.

We are available at our office in Houston, TX, for the early morning, evening and Saturday appointments, making it easier on your schedule. Our professional, caring support staff is here to answer your questions and schedule your appointments. For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards.

For more information, please contact us today.

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