Fad diets do not work. Our hCG diet program does!


Fad diets do not work. Our hCG diet program does!

Our San Antonio, TX location is opening soon! Join the thousands of people nationwide who have lost weight using our hCG diet program! Imagine a weight loss program that works quickly, yet doesn’t leave you feeling hungry and deprived. Picture yourself undergoing a complete body makeover and being able to fit into new clothing in just a matter of weeks. This is how the hCG diet plan works!

Our hCG diet program is a natural, healthy way to lose weight quickly!

The hCG diet itself is not new; people have been losing weight with hCG for over half a century. The hCG diet was created in the 1950s by British physician ATW Simeons, who found that when hCG is injected into the body, it causes you to burn fat and retain muscle mass, resulting in a slimmer, healthier you! We at Equilibrium Weight Loss & Longevity have created an hCG diet program based on Dr. Simeons’ protocol. After nearly four years of intense study of the hCG diet, we developed a program that is easy to follow yet produces big results. Our weight loss centers have helped thousands of people in our clinics across the nation lose pounds of fat, restore their health, and live longer and happier lives. It’s time to start living a life free from unhealthy body fat!

What is hCG?

hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone naturally produced in women’s bodies during pregnancy. When hCG is injected into the body in combination with a specific low calorie diet, the body begins to burn extra fat for energy. The end result is fat loss that makes you look and feel better, while also decreasing your risk of disease and other health complications.

What is involved with the hCG diet?

Following the hCG diet is easier than any other program you’ve tried! Patients simply follow a low calorie meal plan consisting of very specific foods, which we’ll outline for you. As you follow the diet, you’ll take high quality hCG injections. That’s it! These two elements are all you need to lose weight quickly. And as an added benefit, you don’t have to exercise to lose weight on the hCG diet!

Our hCG diet program is medically supervised, easy to follow, and it really works!

Whether you are looking to lose that last stubborn 10 pounds or you want to lose a more significant amount of weight, the hCG diet will work for you. We tailor the diet to your individual desires and needs, ensuring you are happy with your end results. Unlike many diet clinics, we offer medically supervised weight loss. That means when you visit our clinic, you will be seen by weight loss doctors who have extensive knowledge about helping people lose weight with the hCG diet. We believe building relationships with our patients is the best way to help them achieve their weight loss goals. When you come into our clinic, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff of diet professionals who can’t wait to help you lose weight and keep it off!

I’ve seen hCG sold online. Can I purchase hCG and follow the diet on my own?

The products you can purchase on your own are almost always made from homeopathic hCG. It is often sold in the form of hCG diet drops, pills, sprays, etc. However, these products contain only trace amounts of hCG – not enough to cause real weight loss. In order for your hCG to be effective, it must be prescription strength, which is what we give our patients. (In fact, the FDA has banned the sale of such products because they are ineffective). We use only prescription, legal, effective hCG injections in our diet clinic!

Get Started Today!

Because we are so excited about our new location in San Antonio, we are offering a special offer to our first 100 patients! Contact our weight loss clinic today to redeem your deal and start transforming your body. We can’t wait to help you reach your weight loss goals using the hCG diet!

Sucralose and Weight Loss


Sucralose and Weight Loss
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Sucralose is a popular food sweetener made from sugar, but is 600 times sweeter. Sucralose has zero calories and is stable in many different foods. Over the last several years I have had patients and friends ask me my opinion about Sucralose (Splenda). The strange thing is that even after I offer my supportive opinion some still seem uncertain. There are few that aggressively provide me with their professional overview of the dangers of Sucralose. However, there is one problem, none of them qualify as an expert in the field of nutrition, so I asked them to present me with some legitimate data supporting the risks or hazards of Sucralose –I still have not received any to date. As a matter of fact, I have discussed this topic with several respected nutritional experts and they agree that that Sucralose is a safe and effective sugar alternative.

Here are a few important statements about Sucralose:

“In determining the safety of Sucralose, FDA reviewed data from more than 110 studies in humans and animals. Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects including carcinogenic, reproductive and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA’s approval is based on the finding that Sucralose is safe for human consumption.”
– FDA Talk Paper T98-16.

“There is adequate evidence, [for Sucralose], that there are no concerns about mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, development or reproductive toxicity.”
– Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission on Sucralose, September 7, 2000

“The low-calorie sweeteners in the United States all underwent extensive testing before they were approved. Results showed that low-calorie sweeteners are safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women. Sucralose is the newest low-calorie sweetener on the market. Sucralose is not affected by heat and retains its sweetness in hot beverages, baked goods, and processed foods.”
– American Diabetes Association

“Sucralose (Splenda®) was approved by the FDA as a tabletop sweetener in 1998, followed by approval as a general purpose sweetener in 1999. Before approving sucralose, the FDA viewed more than 100 safety studies that were conducted, including studies to assess cancer risk. The results of these studies showed no evidence that these sweeteners cause cancer or pose any other threat to human health.”
-National Cancer Institute

“If you drink coffee or other drinks with caffeine, do not have more than one or two cups each day. It is okay to use artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose (brand name: Splenda) while you are pregnant.” Am Fam Physician. 2005 Apr 1;71(7):1321-1322.

Our Research and Development Team only uses sugar substitutes in certain product development. I am confident in our research and will continue to support Sucralose as a safe and healthy alternative to refined sugar.

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The HCG Diet: Fact vs. Fiction


What about the hCG injections – doesn’t that make the diet more effective?

No. Promoters of the hCG diet claim that when people are injected with hCG hormone they don’t feel hungry even though they’re not eating. The idea of using hCG injections to curb appetite was introduced over 50 years ago and has been carefully studied in over a dozen well-done trials. Every single well-done trial showed that the hCG injections were no better than injecting a salt-water placebo. In other words, people injected with hCG lost the same amount of weight as people injected with a salt-water placebo.


If hCG injections don’t make you lose more weight, do they make the diet safer?

Unfortunately, the injections don’t make starving yourself any safer and, in fact, might make it more dangerous. Since the use of hCG has been shown to be no better than salt-water injections for weight loss, it is not used by mainstream physicians for weight loss. Therefore the safety of injecting a pregnancy hormone into women (and men!) when they are eating so few calories has never been studied. Although hCG injections could have long-term health effects, the truth is we just don’t know.


People on the hCG diet say they don’t feel hungry. If it doesn’t work, how can that be?

It turns out that when it comes to hunger, humans are very suggestible. Probably earlier this week you weren’t at all hungry until someone starting talking about a favorite food or you lost your appetite at the sight of unappealing food. When we want to believe that a shot, whether it’s of saltwater or hormones, will make our hunger go away, our hunger sometimes does go away.


Does it really matter if it’s the medicine or the power of suggestion? If the shot helps with dieting, isn’t it worth a try?

The extreme calorie restriction is known to cause serious health problems and the safety of hCG injections in this setting is completely unknown.

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