Corporate Wellness Employee Program

Life Science Medical offers a Corporate Wellness Employee Program that is truly changing lives.

Over 68% of the U.S. Population is or overweight or obese. You know that obesity is a health problem, but did you know it is also a health problem in the work place. Obesity is negatively affecting your employees moral and productivity and is affecting your companies bottom line.

According to a recent Duke University study, the total cost of obesity to American companies is estimated at an astounding $73.1 billion per year from loss of productivity and absenteeism. Obese workers have 7 times higher medical costs than their non obese coutnerparts. Obese workers file twice as many workers’ compensation claims … and lose on average 13 more days of work from injury or illness than non obese workers. Your overweight employees are also more prone to chronic illness and likely lack confidence. There is a direct correlation between increased employee weight and workers compensation costs. Controlling weigh helps to control your companies disability costs.

Your business can reduce its direct costs significantly and reap the benefits of fit employees by becoming a Life Science Medical Corporate Wellness Partner. We can help your company decrease health care and insurance costs, decrease absenteeism, cut workers compensation costs, Lessen short term disability, enhance performance productivity and morale, improve ability to attract and retain key personnel, promote greater employee loyalty and retention, and improve public image of your company. Offering a comprehensive program that delivers weight loss results and encourages improved lifestyle behaviors is the best thing your company can do to fight obesity.

Contact Life Science Medical today regarding implementing the Corporate Wellness Employee Program for your company.

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