Hormone Treatments

Growing old is mandatory. Looking and feeling old is optional.

Hormone levels decline as we age. By the time we reach middle age, naturally produced hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and others get so low, we start to experience problems. These deficiencies are often labeled as menopause in women and andropause in men.

Hormone-Replacement Therapy is designed to replenish those hormones in a scheduled way, mimicking the body’s own natural chemistry, restoring good health, energy and vitality.

At Life Science Medical we have one goal — to get you looking your best and feeling like you’re in your 20s again. By combining state-of-the-art therapies, exercise plans and nutrition counseling we work closely with you to customize a program to insure you get the results you want and deserve.

Do you think you have low hormone levels? Take this simple quiz, just answer yes or no:

  1. Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
  2. Do you have a lack of energy, drive and motivation?
  3. Do you have a decrease in strength and endurance?
  4. Have you developed love handles or a spare tire?
  5. Are you losing your figure and muscle tone?
  6. Have you noticed a decrease in enjoyment of life?
  7. Do you have tendency to be sad and grumpy?
  8. Do you feel sleepy in the afternoon or after dinner?
  9. Do you find yourself forgetting things?

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