Lifetime Laser Removal Package Guarantee

Life Science Medical Lifetime Laser Hair Removal Package Guarantee

Life Science Medical offers a full guarantee on all laser hair removal packages of six treatments. We’re proud to stand behind our service. And our clients feel comfortable knowing that when buying a package of laser hair removal treatments they can be assured results.

We have confidence in our equipment, training process and the experience of our technicians. Most clients are satisfied after six treatments. But if you feel you need additional treatments when your package is completed you may come in for additional laser hair removal treatments for no additional charge. See below for details.

Guarantee Details

Buy a 6 treatment laser hair removal package
Complete All 6 treatments in package (treatments are spaced no less than 6 weeks apart)
Should you see less than the optimal 90% reduction in hair growth receive up to 3 more treatments over the next 12 months
Offer expires 12 months after the 6th treatment, or 21 months after the first treatment in the package, whichever occurs first.
Puchase of package entitles client to a Lifetime Guarantee of single treatments on same body area at half the per treatment price.

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